Monday, 23 February 2009

Casual Nite Out

Tucked in tee, belted high-waist skirt with dark blue stocking & cute mary jane shoes

Oversized-blouse and skinny jeans paired with favorite open-toed ankle boots

Colored stocking and Mary-Jane combo

Ankle boots

Essential clickinchicks accessories :)

PS: Trying to update more and working on bigger pics. Stay tune!

Thursday, 19 February 2009

About us

A brief intro :

Hiya! I am Fran. I am shallowly in love with dressing up, make up, accessories and all pretty wearable stuff. ( Don't we all?). Still, I think of fashion as "easy come- easy go"; I don't take my style too seriously.

To me, this blog is done in the name of good fun and silly hobby with the lovely Lind, still I'll pour my heart out whenever necessary :).

Last but not least, enjoy!!


Hola, people!

This is the first time I try my luck in blogging, together with my partner in crime, Fran.

This blog means three things for me: my very own doll-house, my personality and my wardrobe.

Hope you dig it!!!

With love
Lind & Fran