Monday, 28 December 2009


It seems that tops with exaggerated shoulder are ubiquitous nowadays. Everywhere the head turns ( well, I mean every fashion website these fingers click), you can see models wearing this particular style.
On the second thought, probably not "every", but " mostly".
I just feel the need to exaggerate, since the theme is "exaggerated". You know what I mean.


Taken from Balmain runway.

Well, I personally think the style is cute and you know, bold, wowww...., but I'm starting to get a bit bored of it already. Perhaps it is because I have seen it too often and I feel like I have had enough of it.
Well, mind the phrase " have had enough of it". It should be "can't get enough of it".

Do I have something like this in my wardrobe? You bet I do!!! Hahaha.
No way I will let go such pretty stuff out of my seemingly evil sprawl.
I haven't worn my top yet. I have it sewed by a local tailor, like some months ago. It is one with big abstract flowers or pattern, very bubbly shoulders and it is supposed to be cute (well, it is cute and I still love it).

She hasn't made her debut yet. She will, later, when the time is right.


Now, what do you think of this? Leopard motive. Not something you can wear very often, I know, but I am loving prints at the moment. So, yeah, just go for it......
The fabric is velvet, which isn't particularly my favorite.
It is not very pricey, though. You get what you paid for, I guess.

There is actually another navy blazer with pointy shoulders, the one I love more than the leopard one, and also the one that disappoints me the most, because it fails me flat out. Or I fail it? Does it make any difference? I can't wear it. Too tight, damn!!!!
Despite having picked the right size, it turns out that it is NOT the right size for me. The sleeves are as tight as hell.
Imagine my disappointment!!
It's like waiting so excitedly for a parcel and when you finally get it, you unwrap it only to learn that your valuable piece is broken.
Or it's like ordering a chicken fettuccine and they make you beef fettuccine instead.
Or more realistically, it's like Fran waiting impatiently for her eye-shadow in *&%$# color and apparently what they send her is an aquarium filter.
And instead of getting exaggerated, my shoulders immediately drop ten levels down and only Balmain military jacket can lift them back up.

What is that thing they call blazer? M size is not that small. M size is not that tight. Everywhere else fits well but the sleeves. I refuse to say that my fat arms are too fat. I know they are not toned and in fact, kinda flabby, and that's why I chose M size.
M size = flabby armed-girl. And I am fully aware of that.

You will probably think I am in denial, but I am not.
The prove is, the leopard one fits me alright. Same size. Why not the navy one? Both bought from the same shop. So the only explanation is, the tailor of the navy blazer is a dumb head!!!!
I have to have it altered. If the altering succeeds, I'll post it here. If not, then bye bye navy.

So, back to blazers.
I have small shoulders - thanks my mom- and since it's all about shoulders now, I am involved in deep nasty affair with padded shoulders, bubbly shoulders, pointy shoulders, whatever they call them. This affair is not gonna end anytime soon.

And talking about shoulders, let me introduce you the brand who has it all.
If there was a competition on who is to win the title shoulder master, Balmain would definitely win hands down. I love love love Balmain. I love love loveeee Balmain blazers.
I am having a big fat crush with blazers.

Time for eye candy!!!
I save these pictures in a folder named "Obsessions".

These are truly expensive dreams. Only god knows when it will come true.

Balmain denim military jacket

Balmain tuxedo

RM silk blouse blazer by Rouland Mouret

RM suit and skirt by Rouland Mouret

Alexander Wang velvet biker jacket

Stella McCartney lace blazer

And these are undoubtedly cheap realities. Hahaha....







So.....enjoy the last week of 2009. And have a memorable holiday. And, kiss the person you love on new year's eve.
Adios, everyone :)

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Happy Holidays!

Being on a holiday is the best.

I wore this batwing white shirt and stocking from Lind's store. <3 <3 <3

Since it's christmas, I put on the red ribbon for some celebration mood.

and guess what? The ribbon is handmade by Lind!

And also wore the green eyeshadow to complete the Christmas touch, haha.


Had Japanese food for lunch :)


It looks silver under sunlight, but it's a black snakeskin bag.
No one really likes this but it's my fave bag at the moment.

Went shopping a bit!


The bf got me this. Thanks dear!
It's a very simple pendant but it caught my attention.

And I got myself this
The next day, Lind bought one too!

Change to a pink ribbon headband for dinner.
Just for the heck of it.
and guess what again? It's a gift from Lind!!
She's the nicest really.

excited for beach!
glasses, hat, beach dresses, bag, colorful accessories, sandal, shorts, shawl.
all checked! :D


Toodles :)

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

When Shopping Has Lost Its Excitement

Why do women shop? Why do we need tons of shoes and wardrobes of outfit?
Simply put, because we are women. But again, why??
I ask myself this question many many times and trust me, till the moment this blog is posted, I still can't figure out why.
What comes out in my mind are other questions.
How do some women resist shopping?
Why don't they shop?
Don't they think that that A dress suits them very much when worn with this pair of B shoes?
Can't they see that this C item shouldn't be missed, cause it is really... really... crucial and vital and it can perk up that particular D purse they have at home?

It is kind of a bless if they don't, anyway.
Cause I start to think that this thinking is a curse, you know what I mean?
Or greed? Or abstract temporary pleasure?

That day, I asked Fran, " What do you think of your "this" shoes? Do you love them?"
She replied," Yeah, I guess they're okay."
I said," That's it? Like no 'yay', 'woohoo' or what?"
She just answered ,"Then, what do you expect?"

Well, I don't really remember what the rest of the conversation was like, but that's the rough illustration. I hope you get what I mean.
We girls shop and shop and shop and we come to a point where we feel no more excitement about it. Cause it has become a part of our lives which we take for granted. We don't value shopping anymore, as it has become so common....... to us.
This is wrong now, because shopping is a sacred ceremony. It is supposed to bring fun and joy and most importantly, excitement.

This ain't an achievement or the likes. Neither is it a pride. The fact is it's more like a shame.
And that's why I told Fran that we are not normal anymore. We have exceeded normal.
Close to becoming a shopaholic
Disaster in the making

Well, I admit one thing, though. I can never give up shopping. I have given it a thought and I know I am not that person who can live with 2 pants, 4 t-shirts and 2 pairs of shoes. The numbers are random pick, so yeah, you can replace it with other figures, cause I don't know what figure is considered normal.

I keep chanting this to myself every time I see a thing or two that I like ," You have to know your limit. You have to know when to stop."
Now, that........ is the hardest part,restraining yourself from reaching out to the rack.
And I know I have improved a bit,even though just......... a tiny bit.
I don't shop as much as I used to. I shop more wisely now, hahaha. I think I do, honestly.
And least, that's an improvement. You don't expect a machine can work its best without being preceded by many fail attempts , do you?
In this case, I am an infant. I take baby steps, okay....

Well, this is the prove. I only bought one military jacket this month within.


I didn't really buy it, anyway. Cause I sell this in my online store, so technically I didn't buy it, I just took it. So, this isn't regarded shopping, is it?

Err...actually, there are a sling bag and shorts from MANGO end season sale. And a studded purse and a simple statement necklace from an online shop. Hahaha, not that scary I guess.

So I went to a wedding party a few days ago, and I, being a good girl and all, didn't go for a new dress for the occasion.
I wore the old dress I wore to Fudin's wedding. The long gown with bright pattern.
But this time I added the statement necklace I bought and I think the necklace really perked up the dress. :)


I am actually eye-ing on this one, this embellished necklace, which I totally fall in love with the moment I saw it.


But..................I am tight on budget, so necklace baby, you have to get in line. I need to prioritize.


Sucks big time.
Btw, if you love it, you can order it from my online shop, thechicks" dollhouse :)

These are pictures from last weekend :


Hanging out with Fran's cousin from San Francisco, Jeff .




I am deeply in love with military jacket that I post three pics of me wearing it in a row.


And this short polkadot navy scarf I had around my neck is also my new-found love.
I usually wear long and flowing shawl, so I think this is a nice change. I found it weird at first, hesitated a while, but heck... who cares? I like playing dollhouse.

And I have watched Avatar!!! It's a great movie. A perfect film choice to end 2009, cause it's so beautiful and won't leave you feel miserable about life, no matter how suck your life is.
I am going to watch it the second time. is that good, imo.


Me in the cinema, taking pictures to record the sacred "Avatar" moment. Too bad I didn't get the chance to capture picture of us wearing the 3D glasses.
I know......I know...... I am starting to sound like those commoners who take picture of themselves wearing a 3D glasses because come on........ when else do you get to wear one? I think everyone think they look cool in those stupid glasses. Hahaha, sarcastic me.
(Honestly, I did take a picture of me and my sister wearing the glasses, but it is in my BB, so hahaha.........who's talking about who now?)

And in fact, why do most people think that they will look cool or in fact, do look cool wearing sunglasses? Sunglasses fans (sighhh....). Lives are too boring, Iguess, that they feel OTT in just wearing a rayban, which to some others ( the real people) ,it is merely just another glasses. Poor them. And yeah, again... sarcastic me.
Now, that has nothing to do with the content of this post. Just a random thought.

Well, holiday is coming and this is one of many moments of the year that I really enjoy.
Although I don't celebrate Christmas, I love the snowy peaceful atmosphere, like that in Christmas movies, u know. So let me wish you guys all.......... a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.



Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Wedding and Reunion Combo

Hi everyone, how is your weekend? I had a very laid back and enjoyable one.



Then Monday, I went to another wedding! December is the wedding month.

The best thing about this wedding is, I got to meet a LOT of old friends!

This isn't even all of em!

This time, the bride is an old old friend of mine and she'll be married off to Jakarta.

Megah, the bride lost quite a lot of weight. Bravo!

This is how a good picture should be like! <3>

Thanks to Cin who lent me her dress.

and to Hai for being a good wedding companion.
I went up for a song and he got me the biggest hong bao, so nice.

I have such luck with fakelash!! They make my eyes look droopy wtf

and my headband that I bought for the occasion.

The other day Lind and I had this " abnormal shopping habit" conversation.

Lind : We don't shop normal
Fran : But I do.
Lind : If you do why do you buy a headband that u're gonna wear just once in ur life.
Fran : Duh?? * was just about to explain*
Lind : Don't get me wrong, I would do that too!

Sometimes she really cracks me up.

Anyway, Christmas is around the corner and I'm posing next to my mom's tree.


I don't celebrate Christmas, but I think it's a pretty tree :)



Monday, 7 December 2009

A quiet wedding

One of my friends tied the knot!!


Congratulations !!! :)

Since Lica ( the bride) resides in Jakarta, her Medan pre-wed party is a small yet warm gathering.


Linda, Lica, moi, Alicia & Irene

These girls have been good friends to me and I've always enjoyed their company. Actually I got to know Lica thru Alicia. They're the sweet Komala cousins


Alicia's quirky dress


Rene, who just gave birth 5 months ago!
and this girl who is a friend's gf. She's so petite!


toilet time :D


My 8-yr-old red dress!

and I love my shoes, from The Chick's Dollhouse . You can't see them clearly in the picture, but they're really awesome pumps


and my lovely date :)

We both dressed down, so excuse our outfit. And excuse my eye-make up! I was in hurry T__T. No excuse I know!

SO! I sincerely wish the lovely couple a happy married life :) .