Monday, 7 December 2009

A quiet wedding

One of my friends tied the knot!!


Congratulations !!! :)

Since Lica ( the bride) resides in Jakarta, her Medan pre-wed party is a small yet warm gathering.


Linda, Lica, moi, Alicia & Irene

These girls have been good friends to me and I've always enjoyed their company. Actually I got to know Lica thru Alicia. They're the sweet Komala cousins


Alicia's quirky dress


Rene, who just gave birth 5 months ago!
and this girl who is a friend's gf. She's so petite!


toilet time :D


My 8-yr-old red dress!

and I love my shoes, from The Chick's Dollhouse . You can't see them clearly in the picture, but they're really awesome pumps


and my lovely date :)

We both dressed down, so excuse our outfit. And excuse my eye-make up! I was in hurry T__T. No excuse I know!

SO! I sincerely wish the lovely couple a happy married life :) .


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