Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Korean GIrl Band - Eps.2

This post follows the previous post written by Fran.
Korean girl band is just so cool.........................!!! Uber fantastic!!!!
I especially love 2NE1.

Here are their videos among many. It takes forever to load, you know. It's worth the waiting though.

This one, "Fire" has another MV, street version, which is equally cool!!!!
The one here is the space version. Watch it!!!!

And .................. I Don't Care...eehh...eehhhh.... :

And this one is from Wonder Girls with their hit, Nobody, the English version. It comes in Korean version, too.
:D :D :D
Can't believe I'm actually watching Korean girl band videos. Thanks to you, Fran, I can't focus on my work now!!!!

Well, I guess this song is, like Fran said, very familiar to us all with its catchy tunes, very contagious indeed that you will automatically hum along the song, but honestly, imo, it is a very plain and a very typical pop song with unison coreography and all. I guess that is what sells in the industry.
I don't say that their dance moves are easy, cause I don't think I can ever pull them, ever!!! So it is awesome if Christina Lim can do the whole steps!!!!! :D :D :D
(Am I using too many exclamation marks already in this post??!!!)
However.......still........, they are pretty!!! And slim!!! Those fat-less bodies and long legs!!!!!
How I wish and how I really wish.......... (sighh....)

Watch and drool..... over their legs.

Well, I tried to search for their other eye-catching videos, but I can't find any that really "woww' enough, although there are still lots of them here in You Tube. Gotta consult the master, Fran, for this. She knows THINGS!!!!!

Bye for now. Adios!!!!
(I should be sleeping in bed instead of squatting in front of computer screen watching these videos).

Monday, 19 April 2010

Korean Girl Bands

Nowadays it's all about Korea Fever! The country, the demure luxurious fashion items, the boys yum!, the musics, and everything!

These 2 days I'm all about Korean girl bands! Let's check their style!

#1. Wondergirls

Their " nobody nobody but you *clapclap*" has taken the Asian world by storm, very contagious very in-your-head all the time it's cute bordering to annoying somehow lol.

I can't believe my sister memorizes the whole steps to the Nobody dance.

Anyway, they seem to put front a lot of retro classic 60's look in their "Nobody" single. Very old-school Von Teese glam! Loves!

I especially love the leader, Min Sun Ye. Her face is a classic doe-eyed beauty. Life is not fair I tell you!

Sun Ye

#2. So Nyuh Shi Dae aka Girl's Generation

There are all 9 of them! Their theme is girly and cutesy with rainbow sprinkle on top haha.

At this point, I can't really care for their names -__-

Girly tea party! The only party worth going to imho.

SDSN for Etude.
My fave : White cap girl on the right. The leader I think?
Kinda hate the black beret on the left.

Youth in form of 9 deliciously long-legged beauties. envy!

#3. 4Minute

4Minute's style is mix and match with loud neon colors, lots of torn leggings and crazy baggies.

Somehow I think that this style works to the advantage to only two of the girls ( both in purple bottoms pictured above) as the rest of the three have very sweet girly face.

The most eye-catching personnel is again the leader Ji Hyun, in the middle here. Followed by the cool girl in shades, she has very pretty eyes! Why all the hiding?

cool leggings!

Love their album!

#4. 2NE1


This group of 4 girls is the shit! Excuse the language, it's because I was hoping that their coolness rubs off on me.

Their style can only be summed up into one word : ICECOOLNESS! They rarely do cutesy looks.

This is the cutest I've seen of their internet pics

Seriously though, I've heard of Sandara and Park Bom countless times on make up blogs long before I've heard their musics. Everybody is trying to copy their eye make-up look!

All four of them is significantly different but somehow share the equal inyourface awesomeness.


Left to Right:
Sandara Park - the PRETTIEST ONE! with the most copied eye make up.
CL - the leader, 19 and perfoming like nobody's business. Ice cool max!
Park Bom - her voice kills, well among them four at least.
Minzy - so coolcute. 16 year old.

2NE1 for Fila

I'm even loving their make-up less look! For a make-up whore like me, that's saying a lot.

Bad! The good kind!:D


This group is decent enough as few of their songs are quite good. But I sort of lost track now of who is who.

Anyway, few pics of Kara. You'll see they are fronting the same girl-band theme " cute/cool"

My fave is the girls in red stripes. Very pretty face features!

#6. T-ARA

It's read Tee-ara, as in Tiara and not Kara. As if it's not confusing enough! lol.

They are not half bad actually. I think every entertainer in Korean pop business is drilled, trained and pushed to the max by their labels or record companies. Tough business while looking cute and cool.

#7. Brown Eyed Girl- B.E.G

mad heels

They do gothic look quite often. So I guess that's their trademark.

#8. Jewelry

This group has been around since 2001 with few changes of the members.

#9. Lacatha

I don't know much about them, weird name for the group though. Anyway, their style is still worth to take a peek at.

I think Korean girl bands all agree on busy pattern leggings, loud colors, cool shades, quirky accessories and crazy heels.

And when they do simple, it's all about effortlessness. Light and breezy.

Well, I guess that's it then. I'm off to more youtube-ing. No prize for guessing what I'm gonna ogle for the rest of working hour .

Toodles :D

photos credit to various sources on google image

Prints # XXX

Here comes weekend again......, my most favorite time of the week.
(Well, I know today is Monday, I meant the day the pics were taken).
Anw......Yippeee.......( to celebrate the mood).

I have this love and hate relationship with my job. I've gotta admit that I am kinda overwhelmed with everything that I am doing at the moment, with my job especially. I have long lost interest in teaching, in kids and students. It is like there's nothing I haven't seen before when it comes to kids and students and all their annoying habits, laziness, absent-mindedness etc etc. I can hardly find kids (even the cutest one to others) cute any longer. To me, they are troubles. Another not-so-favorited bonus is when the parents are not cooperative and understanding enough.

However, there is a little portion of the students whom I really love teaching. These types of students are the reason why I chose teaching in the first place. Students with eagerness to learn and expand their knowledge are a rare case nowadays. You don't need a super bright brain, you know. All you need is the will to learn and to listen.

Well...well...well... enough of the prolog. Now let's talk cuteness.
I am not over prints yet. And I am certainly not over necklaces, or blue, yet.
Considering that I already have several printed tops in my wardrobe, I actually gave myself a week to think before I bought it.
I am so crazy over prints at the moment so at that time I was worried that this top was just the manifestation of my temporary madness and obsession to them.
Well, apparently it wasn't, cause after a week of thinking, it still won my heart. :)
And the necklace is so damn heavy my neck almost fell off my head, not literally.
It was first out of stock then some week later, the seller contacted me and informed me that she had it re-stocked. So, you know what that means. We're meant to be together. Come to me baby..... :)






Bye for now. Adios, babies...........

7th Anniversary- A Far-Fetched Story.

A couple of weeks ago was our 7th anniversary. It is a long way to go, huh?
Every year it always feels like it's just last year we started seeing each other. Perhaps this is because big portion of the seven years was in the form of a long-distance relationship. And this year is actually the third year of the seven years that we are together in the same city. It is a long way to go. I didn't realize that we are that 'old' already.
My mom said,"If you were married then, you'd be a happy mother of one or two kids now."
Oh, plee...asee....!! That saying is so ancient. I dread marriage, for whatever reasons. Period.

Anw, we went out for dinner. Here we are :


With an intruder tagging along. :D :D :D.
Here she is :


It is a modest dinner with loads of food, fattening food.

Never gonna miss a chance to pose, of course.


I thought I can never suit a front-frilled dress with extra tier on the hem line, but this one suits me alright. I have to wear an outer though, cause my arms are way too fat to be exposed. Well, when I say "fat", I mean "fat" literally. I always mean what I say.
I forgot to zoom in on my black pumps. They are from my online shop, the best pumps so far, I think. A good black patent 5-inch platform. Will take a close-up picture later on.

You might notice that my latest obsession is necklace. I can't seem to get enough of necklaces. And the one I was wearing that night is by far the best chunky-but-light necklace ever. The other chunky necklaces I have are mostly very heavy and they kinda limit my movement, if you know what I mean.

Well, I guess that's all for now. Got a lot of stuff to do and I am actually skipping giving a tuition now just to write this post. :)
Gotta nap now.



Monday, 12 April 2010

It's Minty

Let me introduce you to Minty :



My boyfriend said, "The color is a bit strange."
Well, I know that my color preference is a bit weird and I'm constantly attracted to unusual colors, bright ones especially. This pair of shoes is, again, from my online shop, and they come in black and beige, but I particularly love the mint ones.
I don't have any favorite color, fyi. I love colors and the more unusual they are, the more attracted I will be to them. It might be tough to find what other hues to pair this mint green with. Nevertheless, life is supposed to be colorful, isn't it? And so is your wardrobe, imo. :D

Here are options which I think might suit to pair with this shade of green :

# Deep purple mini dress
It might be a bold choice to pair mint green with purple, and some might think," Hey... a walking lollipop", but given the right occasion and - of course - attitude, the combo purple - mint green is not a bad choice. Deep purple knee-length mini dress, mint green footwear (leave the stockings or leggings, though),with accessories. Cute!!!!
Remember to keep everything simple!!! Don't overdo.

# White loose top with black or gray stone-washed skinny jeans.
With the right attitude, needless to say this is going to be so effortlessly cool. You know it is hard to pull effortless look, cause people will either come out "trying too hard" or "lacking the X factor". Since this look is quite simple, remember to accessorize. Chunky pieces with unique designs are recommended.

# Floral dress with denim jacket.
I am thinking of darker hues like black or deep blue, with a splash of indy pink or nude colors. And since the pattern has dominated the whole look, just pick the simplest accessories.

# Navy top with beige bottoms (shorts or skirts).
With beige alone, the whole look will appear washed-out. When paired with navy tops, attention will be drawn to the combo of navy and mint green and beige simply acts as a cute accent while balancing the whole look.





Playing Polyvore is such a fun. Been a while since I last logged in to the website.
I wore the shoes with this latex cropped jacket and floral dress. The dress is mint tone with dark red flowers. You can guess where this dress is from and I guess you all are already so sick of me saying "my online shop bla bla yadda yadda'. Pardon me.



Playing goofy pose. :D
That's all for now. Adios.... Ta ta!!!!

Friday, 9 April 2010

More Denim

Apparently it is denim fever I am having at the moment, besides prints and vintage looks.

This denim look-alike round necked loose top I am wearing here is just as comfy as it looks. Seriously.


The red wedges are from my online shop, too. :D
Forgot to take a closer pic of them.


On a movie night, Angelic snatched my new denim bolero. I am speechless.


And below is me playing faces again. The top I was wearing is aother denim look-alike t-shirt. Actually it is made of cotton with a small pocket on the chest, imitating the famous Kain t-shirt design. I didn't have the chance to take a full length picture of it.


The multi colored beads necklace is to make up for the overall casual look.

And another look I am trying to achieve at the moment is the vintage look. It isn't easy to come out total vintage-like and effortless. A key to the ultimate vintage is wearing the real vintage, not the faux vintage. So I decided to aim for flea markets that sell old pretty stuff.

And I have been browsing a lot lately to look for online shops that sell second hand stuff, and up to this moment, only few satisfy me. Maybe it is not a habit for us Medanese to wear second hand stuff, due to some health-related reasons, which I can perfectly understand, for I am a psycho when it comes to public accommodation or universal stuff. My worst fear are door handles, door knobs, water taps and cinema seats where thousands of millions of bacterias are dancing on those stuff!!!!! Yucks!!!!!! (Shudder....)

Okay back to the vintage topic now. So I went to a boutique and flipped over their second hand rack and I found this amazing dress at a very amazingly low price, 65,000 IDR. I was doubtful for a moment before I finally bought it. When I wore it, my mum said, " Hey this is a 70's dress."
HAHAHA. Awesome!!!!


They are blurry because I think my camera has reached its expiration date. It happens not once but several times already. On the other hand, I think it kinda gives more vintage feel to the dress. Hahaha.

What I love from this dress is certainly the color, the print and the sewing. It is very very neat and very very detailed. Why don't modern tailors sew like this anymore? Modern outfits are all lacking in detail and neatness imo.


A closer look on the dress. The color is semi faded and the collars are so 70's.
I managed to get two more vintage tops, but this time they are not second hand ones. You will see it when you see it, on this blog, of course. :)
Vintage look is hard to pull, so pardon me if I turn out to be a faux vintage-r. I am still learning. :) :) :)


Adios, ppl.