Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Korean GIrl Band - Eps.2

This post follows the previous post written by Fran.
Korean girl band is just so cool.........................!!! Uber fantastic!!!!
I especially love 2NE1.

Here are their videos among many. It takes forever to load, you know. It's worth the waiting though.

This one, "Fire" has another MV, street version, which is equally cool!!!!
The one here is the space version. Watch it!!!!

And .................. I Don't Care...eehh...eehhhh.... :

And this one is from Wonder Girls with their hit, Nobody, the English version. It comes in Korean version, too.
:D :D :D
Can't believe I'm actually watching Korean girl band videos. Thanks to you, Fran, I can't focus on my work now!!!!

Well, I guess this song is, like Fran said, very familiar to us all with its catchy tunes, very contagious indeed that you will automatically hum along the song, but honestly, imo, it is a very plain and a very typical pop song with unison coreography and all. I guess that is what sells in the industry.
I don't say that their dance moves are easy, cause I don't think I can ever pull them, ever!!! So it is awesome if Christina Lim can do the whole steps!!!!! :D :D :D
(Am I using too many exclamation marks already in this post??!!!)
However.......still........, they are pretty!!! And slim!!! Those fat-less bodies and long legs!!!!!
How I wish and how I really wish.......... (sighh....)

Watch and drool..... over their legs.

Well, I tried to search for their other eye-catching videos, but I can't find any that really "woww' enough, although there are still lots of them here in You Tube. Gotta consult the master, Fran, for this. She knows THINGS!!!!!

Bye for now. Adios!!!!
(I should be sleeping in bed instead of squatting in front of computer screen watching these videos).

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