Monday, 24 May 2010

Entry for De.cada.dia

Hi, this post is written as a mandatory entry to join a giveaway held by bethannyputri.

In order to win this pair of quite delicious wedge, I'll be giving my 2 cents of her clothing line De.cada.dia

Also, this post is an official kick-off to my " STOP shopping "programme, and what other way to actually own a pair of shoes except to enter giveaways?!

I personally do not know Bethanny, except that I browse blogs religiously and I happened to chance upon her blog today, as well as the lovely giveaway.

Anyway, here's my take on De.cada.dia :

The Pink Coral shade is very very pretty.

I quite like the upper half of the dress. However, I'm not so sure about the bottom part of it. It's supposed to flatter hourglass figure, but I think I'd prefer tight looking skirt rather than the tulip/balloon style. The cut on the waist details somehow remind me of Herve-Leger dress :D

The designs are mostly simple with little details and "friendly" colors and clean cutting.

How often do you see a simple top with high-waist skirt combo but never actually pull one yourself? I'm loving this look and I think I might wear some inspired look from De.cada.dia soon!

It reminds me of Lauren Conrad Collection a lot too! A lot of blue and navy.

De.cada.dia also does sexy quite well. This is a cute oriental look. I'd prefer to see this in brighter color though, maybe pink?

This looks pretty much like what I wore here lol.

Another cute and sexy piece:

Of all 9 piece of clothing shown, I really like this particular black dress.

I think the fabric really compliment the cutting of the dress too.

And the sexyslits are pretty updated too! I just saw Cheryl Cole on my fave blog this morning wearing a sexy slits dress from Versace

Another cut-out leggings:

Do you notice that the model wears a lot of killer heels?!

So overall, I would say that De.cada.dia does simple, sexy and cute too at the same time. Some piece like the leggings and the blue see-thru dress are pretty edgy too.

I spend like 1 hour or so staring at this collection and I have to say, they're growing on me. Well, thanks for inspiring me De.cada.dia! I look forward to your next pieces soon! Best of luck to bethannyputri.

Toodles :)

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Close Ups

Have been out and about in town doing nothing useful in particular.
Taking random pictures here and there but only few is full-length. I just realized it when I was preparing and editing pictures for the blog.

One corner of the coffee shop I like to hang out at


The necklace is from my online shop. Click and buy, people!!!!!
The black skirt has been a good company. I have it sewn by a tailor acquaintance and she had to charge me more since the fabric required is more than any regular size. LOL.
I have this huge problem with my overtly huge hips, and skirt hunt is never a successful trip. There are loads of cute skirts on my online shop I would love to have if not for it.
Is it a bless or a curse? Definitely a bless for my finance.

I suppose by now, you will all have been aware that left is my good angle. :D :D :D
The shirt dress here,worn with thin studded belt, surprisingly, is very comfortable despite its denim fabric.

In a public toilet in a local mall, sporting fugly make-up less face and the limpest hair ever.
Recently, I am trying to enhance my skin tone, by using this product, that product, anti aging cream, anti wrinkle cream or whatsoever cream. Hopefully it is not too late considering I am not that young anymore. LOL.
Anyway, the focus here should be the necklace, a faded gold necklace with black and blue stones. Very ethnic-like.

Another limp-haired toilet girl.

I highly recommend you all to try your best to overlook the bulging veins on my fugly foot and just focus on the cute floral flat there.
Floral flat from The Chicks' Dollhouse. Again, click and buy, people!!!!




This pair is HOT!!!! Been weighing whether to buy or not.
You should!!!! From Thechicks' Dollhouse :D :D :D

Till the next post, chicas.
Gotta get ready for "Prince of Persia". A chance to dress up, wwuiiii......(yayness)!!!!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Accessories are things I can't ever let go, although they come second after shoes. There was a phase in my full-of-sin life when I totally stop purchasing accessories and I vowed that I would never be so uncontrollable anymore in the future.
However, that was then. Now, I am back to my full-of-sin state. I guess I just can't deny that I LOVE accessories a lot.
This pair of bangles and this necklace is totally meant to be. Not purchased at the same day, but when something is meant to be, it is indeed meant to be. Wtf is that?!! LOL
Let me tell you their love story. I bought these bangles from an ex-friend. That's all. Story of bangles told.
Now story of the necklace begins.
I meant to buy the ivory one, but it was out of stock. So the seller recommended me the red one, which I had never seen before. I thought," Red is hot."
So, necklace purchased and ..........voila...... it matches the bangles. Happily ever after!!!!
And why am I telling you this nonsense? Pardon me. Hahaha.


Look at the cute turtle on my wrinkle finger.

Forgot to take the close-up picture of this vintage bag.



I think I need to find new background for my pictures. All the picture background is either in the passenger seat of a car or my front door view. Too boring.

Anw. Adios.

I Am Back

One thing that is difficult about blogging is finding a good title for each post. I constantly try to think of unusual title for each post, and most of the time, I fail. Like this post, I can't see how the title "I Am Back" is any different from all random titles. LOL
Great, now I am back!!! :D :D :D
How I miss blogging and all.

My digital camera is kind of broken. It beeps non stop when I turn it on. Or some other time, the images shot were blurry. No chances to snap here and there. Moreover, the weather recently has been unbelievably hot. Stifling hot. HOT!!! When the weather is like this, I don't feel like dressing up or playing dollhouse at all. Fussy outfit is never appropriate for weather like this.
And I end up wearing loose t-shirts, loose bottoms - as loose as possible- everywhere.

So, Christina Lim was in town. She is Fran's eldest sister. I meant so much to hang out with her, but it never happened, thanks to my overloaded schedule. Well, I want to use cursing words between 'my' and 'overloaded', but I guess it is inappropriate. And from the few chances I had to meet her is this, on an unplanned dinner at Trattoria. She is beautiful. Make-up less and very simple, her complexion is to die for, while mine is like .........(SIGH.............big time). How I

She posed with two sinners

Christina Lim with more sinners, although the level of sin committed ranges from "beginner" to "expert". Guess who is what.
And btw, the image quality is awful. This shows how even a digicam can't stand capturing a picture of sinners.





Till the next post, darlings. Adios. :)

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Mayday Mayday

What's up peeps? It seems almost ridiculous that it's May already! May 2010, it's such an atrocity! Sigh~

I'll journey back to what I've been up to, dressing-up wise :)


Wearing this for the family photoshoot.
I love this floral Zara skirt cause it's from their cheap line.
The Mango red cardigan is from way back, still much love too.

I had a lot of fun with my sisters and the girls. Dinners and gatherings with lots of talking.


Abstract tee from Lind's shop.


Aishh, I miss this moment a lot. Na has headed back to Canada, leaving us :(


Fell in love with this breezy blue blouse from Lind's shop.


We call it " The Meryl Streep" blouse, cause it resembles what she wore in one of her movies :p
It's not very flattering on me >_< , but just the touching and feeling the fabric brought me high heavens!!

A local dress called " Essie" dress.


Lind got one too, I'm not sure what color. But mine is this deep dark green, I quite like it. We love local online shopping a lot! She's a very good shopping buddy of mine, virtually or urm..realistically?

She's bad for my health.

Had fun with the girls @ Urban Jazz crossover.


Well, not that much fun, I guess we're old . Anyway, Lind will keep you updated about the event :D


two angels


The blue high-waist is from Warner Bros, lol. Seriously.


Good times. Good people.


Till next time. Toodles :)