Monday, 24 May 2010

Entry for De.cada.dia

Hi, this post is written as a mandatory entry to join a giveaway held by bethannyputri.

In order to win this pair of quite delicious wedge, I'll be giving my 2 cents of her clothing line De.cada.dia

Also, this post is an official kick-off to my " STOP shopping "programme, and what other way to actually own a pair of shoes except to enter giveaways?!

I personally do not know Bethanny, except that I browse blogs religiously and I happened to chance upon her blog today, as well as the lovely giveaway.

Anyway, here's my take on De.cada.dia :

The Pink Coral shade is very very pretty.

I quite like the upper half of the dress. However, I'm not so sure about the bottom part of it. It's supposed to flatter hourglass figure, but I think I'd prefer tight looking skirt rather than the tulip/balloon style. The cut on the waist details somehow remind me of Herve-Leger dress :D

The designs are mostly simple with little details and "friendly" colors and clean cutting.

How often do you see a simple top with high-waist skirt combo but never actually pull one yourself? I'm loving this look and I think I might wear some inspired look from De.cada.dia soon!

It reminds me of Lauren Conrad Collection a lot too! A lot of blue and navy.

De.cada.dia also does sexy quite well. This is a cute oriental look. I'd prefer to see this in brighter color though, maybe pink?

This looks pretty much like what I wore here lol.

Another cute and sexy piece:

Of all 9 piece of clothing shown, I really like this particular black dress.

I think the fabric really compliment the cutting of the dress too.

And the sexyslits are pretty updated too! I just saw Cheryl Cole on my fave blog this morning wearing a sexy slits dress from Versace

Another cut-out leggings:

Do you notice that the model wears a lot of killer heels?!

So overall, I would say that De.cada.dia does simple, sexy and cute too at the same time. Some piece like the leggings and the blue see-thru dress are pretty edgy too.

I spend like 1 hour or so staring at this collection and I have to say, they're growing on me. Well, thanks for inspiring me De.cada.dia! I look forward to your next pieces soon! Best of luck to bethannyputri.

Toodles :)

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