Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Wedding and Reunion Combo

Hi everyone, how is your weekend? I had a very laid back and enjoyable one.



Then Monday, I went to another wedding! December is the wedding month.

The best thing about this wedding is, I got to meet a LOT of old friends!

This isn't even all of em!

This time, the bride is an old old friend of mine and she'll be married off to Jakarta.

Megah, the bride lost quite a lot of weight. Bravo!

This is how a good picture should be like! <3>

Thanks to Cin who lent me her dress.

and to Hai for being a good wedding companion.
I went up for a song and he got me the biggest hong bao, so nice.

I have such luck with fakelash!! They make my eyes look droopy wtf

and my headband that I bought for the occasion.

The other day Lind and I had this " abnormal shopping habit" conversation.

Lind : We don't shop normal
Fran : But I do.
Lind : If you do why do you buy a headband that u're gonna wear just once in ur life.
Fran : Duh?? * was just about to explain*
Lind : Don't get me wrong, I would do that too!

Sometimes she really cracks me up.

Anyway, Christmas is around the corner and I'm posing next to my mom's tree.


I don't celebrate Christmas, but I think it's a pretty tree :)



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