Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Frugal Findings

Went out with Fran last Saturday, and didn't come home empty-handed. Not a big spend, fortunately. It's all about frugality nowadays.

Got this black double-buckle waist belt, been meaning to find double buckle belt for quite some time, and it finally finds its way to my lap. We are meant to be together. Trust me.

This belt is versatile. Can be worn with formal dresses or suits or jackets or even maxi dresses to add some glamorous feel to the summery dresses. Lose the belt, you get summer relaxing look . With the belt, you get some modern sophisticated look.


Another cute belt. It is the color and the twisted loop that attract me the most. Love bold colors and unusual design.
Perfect with dresses,all kinds of bottoms and cardigans(worn on the outside).
Fran got the same belt but hers is dark brown.


Now head bands.
I've been looking for some cute head bands, preferably with big bows on the side, but not anything too big, just right and most importantly, the price has to be pocket-friendly. I'm thinking Gossip Girls' Blair Wardoff. However, it kinda worries me too that those big bow headbands thingy aren't age-appropiate for me. Well anyway, I haven't found the perfect one yet (that won't scare my mom, my cat and my dog away),and instead I got these simple dark blue and purple suede headbands, which can be paired with almost anything .
Take a look.


I don't particularly like silver accessories. But when I saw this pair of silver oval earrings, I knew it's a perfect match for my silver bangles and I would regret it if I didn't take it. It's actually very plain, just a simple loop. Sometimes, simplicity is all you need to glam yourself up. *.^


And then, this guy, an ex-colleague friend of us, Taufik. Fran and I bumped into him at the mall. He looked great that day. Had to take his pic. He was sporting red and grey striped cardigan with grey T-shirt and knee-length pants. White belt and shoes completed his look.


Never thought that white shoes will look good on guys. But after seeing some of my guy friends sporting white shoes and look cool and fashion-forward with it, I totally have a different opinion about that now.

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