Sunday, 1 March 2009

New bar in town

One thing that clickin chicks love as much as fashion is party!

The reason is because party is one of the great place to dress up and have fun. Surely, you can't beat that.

Efin always wears her style feminine and sweet. Lovely clutch.

Harem pants and rosario beads make Dev the cool chick that she always is.
Angelic's dress is to die for!

The girl loves her high waist and T- Bar heels.

Grey and red, never thought they'd go so great together

A great dress for a nite out and gold peep-toe heels

We love earrings from Les Accessories and SVS
Lind's green necklace is vintage as well as her gold slim belt

SVS Earrings

Layered- bracelets

Gold Angel-winged earrings

Thanks for reading and party safe ppl!


  1. not even editingnya fran
    yg lain nampak washed out warnanya
    ada satu yg very bright and nampak edited, yg lain agak pudar warnanya

  2. malas liau. ahudfahudfhuasfsadfa. i'll do better next time.
    pink lu comment change to anonymous


  3. Test ... finally!!!!
    Fun stuff!!

  4. heheh, thanks :)