Thursday, 25 June 2009

Small Collection

They are not much but I'm just gonna show you how I store my accessories.

So I dedicate a rack out of my 4-rack clothing wardrobe for keeping em organized.


I see no point in buying expensive racks because the money could be spend on another accessory, so instead I bought some small hangers with stickers at the back.

This is the result :


Other containers that I bought are quite affordable. They're from your common supermarket.

Like this small one for bangles. This comes in a set of 3. Small, Medium and Large.
I admit this is not an ideal storage idea for bangles, but for time being this will have to do until I have some free time for DIYs.

This is another container for bangles that are of less sturdy materials. If you get what I mean.

Another small container for smaller items.

This was on sale, so I got it for quite cheap. 90k rupiah. It spins!

The next two are actually from chocolate boxes :)

One for necklaces that I rarely wear.

One for throwing watches in.

The medium container, for storing headbands

This is sort of my make up "station"
The big identical container is for storing hair products and blow-dryer.

This is one of my favorite racks.

On top is a flap and when you open it, it's perfect for pencil-like products ( liners, brow pencils, sharpeners etc) and some other smaller things that I use daily.

The 1st shelf is where I keep my bronzer and blushers.

2nd shelf is for eye make up products

Last shelf is for bigger products. ( Qtips, mascara,scissors, more lipsticks, curler, etc etc)

My facial care drawer

My brush set

So that's how I organize my stuff.

Pink will soon show her collection of accessories that will put mine to shame.

So do come back for more. Thanks :) !


  1. *gasp* Your brushes!! *envyenvyenvy*

  2. haha they are quite cheap. you can get them anywhere! thx jcily :)- Fran