Monday, 27 July 2009


Bought these Cottonink shawls through their online shop.
My first impression was,"Hmmm...... not bad, great colors, especially the denim acid washed one. And ooooo, they smell nice."



And to you they might look like some ordinary shawls, but in fact they are very very versatile.


I wore the red one last Saturday with some blouse and skinny jeans, and I can say that some ppl looked at me as if I was having some wardrobe malfunction or something, but the hell I care. I've bought it so I have to take it out for a decent walk.
( I use "it" because I can't decide whether the shawls are male or female, they are neuter to me at the moment).

The website actually shows you many many different ways to wear the shawl (as a belt, a tube top, a turban etc) and you can create your own way to wear it too.
You can visit the website and see for yourself.

Over here, I show you some of the way I might wear it the next time around.


This is achieved after my sister and I spent like 5 minutes folding and twisting the shawl.
When we finally twisted it right, we looked at each other and smiled warmly.
(That was crazy, I know)
And anyway, it is my favorite look so far.


Worn as a halter top. (This look is shown in the website btw).


This look is only suitable with the right weather.

Well, if you like it then get one. It is worth the money.
Trust me.




  1. adohh gw jadi pengen ar pink!

  2. Like i said, if u like it, then get one, it's an investment. Trust me.

    Let's order together. I want another one from the website.