Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Blast from the Past

Keeping a blog can be tedious, despite the fact that there are two of us to keep it going. :)

I've been thinking to post this for quite sometimes. Putting up old pics of us girls where we had fun dressing up for any occasions.

So here's also a "Must. Not. Abandon. Blog." post. Hope you enjoy.

~Night out~

I remember this night! It was an awesome one. Been a while since we girls kept in touch, and we decided to hang out for a great dinner and even greater nite of clubbing :)

Ahh shame how this doesn't include my shoes,
but the rest of the girls couldn't have looked better!

There goes the shoes! :D

Lind's love for clubbing and dancing was born. lol.

Celebrating 2009

Sorry for the ugly face. >.<

~Birthdays & Weddings~
Ha Double black and Double Blue! How coincidental! :D

I really love how we looked here. Laid back and fun!
I don't think I can pull this look anymore.
Plus, that bag is now ruined by fungi. or something.

Lind has the prettiest bag collection, don't you think?
I just noticed, we looked almost the same with the dress-belt-vest combo! :)

Lind loves red and I love flats.
Angel and Momoko love plaids

My whole outfit & shoes are hers haha.

Sometimes we dressed eerily similar.
Without any planning beforehand!

Happiest during weekends :)

Love & Toodles ~ The chicks :)

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