Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Late Update

I can't agree more with Fran. Keeping a blog is indeed tedious and it requires effort, like real effort. But this doesn't mean I hate updating our blog, because honestly everyday I can't stop thinking about blog blog blog. I've got so much to spill but I'm held back by this 24-hour time limit.
What a life.

I wish my life was all about blogging and fashion and updating my online shop.
What a wonderful life that must be.
TSKKK..... wake up, lady...


Blue t-shirt, blue skirt, studded belt and camel T-bar shoes


White top, capri pants, studded belt and studded vest on me
Red t-shirt, DIY studded vest, DIY shredded jeans and studded flats on Fran.

Those pictures above were taken like a month ago.
How sad... see...

LBD with black clutch, black pumps and pearl necklace and bracelet


Black long dress, silver shoes and black cuff

And those were taken last week at Fran's cousin's wedding party.
See.... even sadder because that means we haven't got a chance to hang out that long already.
Let alone hanging out together, I don't even have a decent time to dress up and hang out with my boyfriend.


Blue stripy blouse tucked into dark blue cotton skirt with studded shoes and black over-sized sling back.

Well, that is what has become of me.
Boringgg...... hahaha


At least I have got my studded shoes.

Talking about shoes (sighhh), I've become so lazy recently that what I wear everyday is that 35k flat I mentioned before in the previous blog.
Every morning's duty calls include waking up, getting up, washing up, rushing out, driving, swearing, feeling stressed.
My other shoes are sitting there on the rack, staring blankly to the emptiness.
What can I say? I barely have time to comb my hair (this is one of FEW advantages of being a short-haired).
Now talking about hair, my hair is growing into its awkward phase now, which gives me another thing to worry about.
This hair-style is hard to maintain. Really.

So, last Thursday we went to Prapat to clear our heads.
It was quite fun and yeah, it's only Prapat but surely it is a much needed trip for me, in my case.


Not much to say here. The picture does the talking already.
I really like my skull shawl, anyway.



When night fell, it was rather cold, so jacket served good function there.

Some stupid poses coming next. Crazy is what we are.
We attempted to get the Prada turban look, but failed successfully as you can see.





Anyway, that's all for now.


Adios..... ^.*

P.S. Studded items are soooo appealing. Still am crazy about them. This fever is not gonna end soon. I am convinced and almost positve about it!!!!

Well, a little hot news here. If you're looking for studded items, just stop by my online shop on facebook. Check out the gorgeous stuff. :)

Do shop!!! :D


  1. How come every outfit you wear looks great on you?? Haha~
    Blogging is a love-hate relationship. You love it whenever you come up with a post that everybody liked, and hate it when you can't even think of what to write! :D

  2. well thanks!!!
    you see i hardly have time to come and visit this blog and i just learnt that there's a new comment after like..... 20 days or so later?
    goshh!!! i need my "me" time badly!!!