Friday, 24 July 2009

Holiday wardrobe


The top is XL, nice but didn't buy it.

Madness @ Forever21


It's my first time!!

Day 3 -3½ actually :)

Crazy for accessories


So that concludes my holiday wardrobe. It's quite basic actually. I only brought with me:
- 2 dresses
- 2 cardigans
- few tops
- 1 jeans
- 1 short
- 1 belt
- 1 stocking

And the brown Next sling bag which I especially bought for the occasion.

For footwear I brought along my cute flats which served me well and a pink flip flops.

I hope I didn't leave out anything as I'm running out of time to post pictures. I will be back for more stuff from the holiday.

Toodles :)


  1. oh oh happy you, must found some cute stuff :]
    you making me carve for purple tight.

  2. I am in serious need of traveling and shopping
    All those high-street brands,
    I'm going out of my mind....

  3. Oh dear... that's a lot of "costume changes," huh? Love them all! :) Were you able to buy something at Forever 21?