Wednesday, 22 July 2009

A Quiet Week

There's nothing much to do this past few weeks, and still I can't get enough sleep.

Never gonna miss a chance to play with my wardrobe, though.
Not that there's much to play with, but it seems to be the only thing I do with all my heart. Willingly. Full-heartedly. Voluntarily. As shallow as it may seems, I just love it. Who doesn't anyway?

It's been a quiet week. Everyone is getting old and slow, I suppose.

Out on a dinner

And I have my hair cut... too short than what I expected.


Side swept bangs


Kimmy doll bangs

Like I've said, it's been a really quiet week. Quiet.... like you can hear your neighbor's snoring.
Errr......I don't know why I said that.
But, it's just so quiet. Quiet is good though.


Me saying, " Hmm... what's wrong with a quiet long weekend?"
On me was a flowery blouse which I got from Gaudi, with my most favorite black shorts, my mum's old straw bag (actually I kind of raided it from her) and gold buckled heels.


And most importantly, accessories.
What I love here is the multi colors combination and the studs.
I'm head over heels with studs recently.
They're not really studs anyway. Look closer. Anyway..... anything that resembles is tolerable, in my case at least. ^.*

And my life will be more complete if I have a pair of studded shoes.
It's on top of my wish list.

Maybe I'll dream about buying studded shoes in my sleep tonight.


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