Monday, 8 February 2010


Dragged Lind to accompany me to a wedding last Saturday.

Her pretty ring

We had a minor accident on our way there and we arrived an hour late. Thus the :(

Her pretty earrings

Being late means less crowd at the lobby on the way up to the party, so it was a golden chance for us to take pictures.



A friend thought we had an arranged dress code, well she thought wrong :D.

inside the elevator otw up

We didn't stay long for the party, my mood was quite off after the crash. So down we went to the parking lot.


The accident that happened really put a damper on the evening, although it was quite an experience to be properly dressed and spent almost 2 hours yelling on the roadside and being questioned in a police office!

Having Lind and her bf, in addition to my siblings who were also there, helped a great deal though.

Thanks dear

I must say, Lind is an awesome girlfriend; just the kind of person you want around rough times haha.

I used to think that girls equal trouble when it comes to friendship, well to be honest I still do think that way sometimes; but she is a rare exception in this world full of frienemies.


So, if you happen to have a special girlfriend or two whom you can always count on, consider yourself lucky! Cause I know I am :)


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